We are happy to meet with clients at their homes or offices to discuss their lifestyle needs and how we can enhance their style.


Presented with over 27 years of experience.

Personal Consulting

We meet with you and discuss your lifestyle at work and socially. To design the perfect style uniquely for you.

Everyday or Special Occasions

We have styling agency that can work with your wardrobe, hair, and makeup to suit your everyday social and work needs, we also provide styling for just one specific occasion.

Professional Services

All vendors Deanna Zaccari Lifestyle Design chooses from are professional businesses with years of experience. We can count on them to service you with hair, makeup/beauty products and nails to give them a full all over look they can be comfortable with in presenting themselves to their best abilities in their professional work.

Managed Styling

We can work with you to help organize your closet, create outfits, maximize your wardrobe, and find voids to add style and update your image.

High-Profiled Experiences

Deanna Zaccari is a former fashion manager with over 12 years of experience at Giorgio Armani’s flagship store on Rodeo Drive. During her tenure there, Deanna liaised with Armani PR to assist high-profile clients’ needs for red carpet events.

Experienced Professional Advices

Deanna Zaccari is a professional in the fashion world with 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry. She strives to keep her clientele looking and feeling their best through shopping from a variety of designers to fit different body types and create individual styles.

Well Trusted

Deanna Zaccari has styled hundreds of men, women and children for professional work, interviews, tv, movie premieres, weddings, vacations, and daily life. Among these people are successful business personal and celebrities.

Premium Goods

We work with premium boutiques to deliver personalized items for you, all orders are made custom and guaranteed to beone of a kind pieces. Furthermore, we have access to wholesale jewelers, custom fragrances and exclusive/vintage eyewear specialists.